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Acknowledge Button Missing

You may see this problem when you attempt to acknowledge a change to your schedule.

The only solution is to use a different web browser or call crew scheduling to acknowledge the trip.

The problem is with the company's CWA website, so we’ll have to wait for them to fix it.

EBS Scrolling

It’s possible, but very difficult, to scroll the lines in EBS (Electronic Bid Sort).

There’s a thin area to the right of the lines where you can scroll. But, it’s so small that scrolling is almost impossible. Sorry, but there’s no fix for this.

The scrolling problem in EBS is a caused by the design of the company's CWA website, so we'll have to wait for them to fix it.

Keyboard Popup

Some users have reported that the keyboard sometimes appears when not desired.

CrewWeb does some magic behind the scenes to prevent this from happening.

If you see this problem, please send me an email with as many details as you can about when and where it appeared.