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Basic Troubleshooting

If something isn’t working with CWA or CrewWeb, try these, in pretty much this order:

See also inactivity timeout.

Internet Connection

CrewWeb must have a reliable internet connection to work properly. Wifi connections in hotels, airports, and aircraft are notoriously bad.

If a page won’t load or you suspect trouble with your internet connection, try to a load page from a company website in Safari (the CWA login page will do the job). If the page will load, then your internet connection is probably good to go.

If you can’t load a page from a company website:

  • Check that restrictions are off.

    Go to device Settings > General > Restrictions and turn off any restrictions that affect Safari or CrewWeb.

  • Check that content blockers are not blocking content from swalife.

    Go to device Settings > Safari and look for Content Blockers.

    If you have a content blocker installed, make sure that connections to swalife are not blocked.

    If you have no content blockers installed, you will not see a Content Blockers entry in Safari settings.

  • Disconnect from and reconnect to wifi.

    Go to device Settings > WiFi and tap the info button (circle with i in the middle), then select Forget This Network. Then reselect your wifi connection.

  • Turn on cellular data for CrewWeb.

    Go to device Settings > Cellular and turn on cellular data for the CrewWeb app.


Only the company can change or reset your password.

I can't do anything with passwords. Sorry.

The normal way to change your password is via SWALife.

If you can’t log into SWALife, you might try the company help desk at (214) 792-3300.

Saving Login Credenitals

To save your login credentials (userid and password):

  • Set a passcode on your iPhone or iPad

    CrewWeb will not save your login credentials (userid and password) unless you have a passcode set.

  • Select the Erase Data option

    This will erase all data on your device after 10 failed passcode attempts.

  • Select  (Tools) > Settings > Save Login Credentials

    Your login credentials will be saved the next time you login to CWA.

To stop saving your credentials, select Save Login Credentials to ‘off’.

Your credentials are not saved to backups.

Recommended security settings:

  • Set a passcode of at least 6 characters

    More is better: a longer passcode, especially if you include characters as well as numbers, makes your device more secure. If your device were to fall into the hands of a malicious person, given enough time, that person could gain access to all of the information on your device, including information stored in the keychain. The longer the passcode, the longer it will take a malicious person to gain access.

  • Turn on Find My iPhone

    Find My iPhone will help you find your device if it is lost or stolen.

Multiple Selections (SIP or ELITT)

You may need to select multiple items to split (SIP) a trip in Trip Trade / Giveaway (TTGA) or to trade more than one trip at time in ELITT.

To split a trip, you'll want to select a contiguous group of legs, that is: a leg, another leg, and all legs in between.

To trade more than one trip at a time in ELITT, you'll most likely want to select non-contiguous trips, that is: a trip, another trip, but not the trips in between.

To select a contiguous group of items:

  • Tap the first item to select it, then tap three times (triple-tap) to select an additional item and all items in between.

    A triple-tap simulates a shift-click, similar to clicking while holding down the shift key on a computer with a mouse and keyboard.

To select a non-contiguous group of items:

  • Tap the first item to select it, then tap four times (quad-tap) to select an additional item.

    A quad-tap simulates a command-click, similar to clicking while holding down the command key on a computer with a mouse and keyboard.

Tip: zoom in to make it easier to accurately multiple-tap an item.

If you’re wondering why the shift- and command-click buttons were removed, it’s a long story. Basically, they added complexity and possibly interfered with other parts of the app. Since, their function is duplicated by triple- and quad-taps, I decided to remove them.


Scrolling sucks. Sorry, no better way to say it.

Most CWA pages are too large to display on a small device. When the CWA page contains a scrollable area, like a list of trips, and you try to scroll, the app doesn’t know whether you want to scroll to see more of the page or to see more trips in the list.

Tip: zoom out to show most or all of the list when you want to scroll the list and not the entire page.

See also: EBS scrolling.

Inactivity Timeout

If you leave CWA idle for a while (about 15 minutes), the company’s CWA server will log you out automatically.

Nothing that the CrewWeb app can do about it; it’s how the CWA server is set up.

If you return to the CrewWeb app after you have been logged out by the CWA server, you may see the CWA page that you were viewing previously. But, if you attempt to interact with the page, the results will be unpredictable; it’s pretty much guaranteed that CWA won't work as expected.

Tip: when you return to the CrewWeb app after a period of inactivity, always log out and log in again to CWA.