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Cannot Open Page Error?

If you see a ‘Cannot Open Page’ error, there’s probably something wrong with the internet connection.

An example of an error message:

    … because an ssl error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.

    This probably means that you are attempting to connect to the internet via a captive Wi-Fi network (such as in a hotel or airport). A captive Wi-Fi network is one where you have to sign in or take some other action before you can access the internet. To learn more about how to connect to captive Wi-Fi networks, search Apple support for captive Wi-Fi network.

Also, see information about fixing internet connections.

Can’t Scroll?

If you can’t scroll, say, a list of trips, try zooming out so that most or all of the list is on the screen.

Also, see scrolling and EBS scrolling.

CrewWeb Seems Slow?

If CrewWeb seems slow, the problem is most likely the internet connection or the company’s CWA servers.

The CrewWeb app takes about 0.1% of the time. The other 99.9% is the internet and CWA server response.

Cellular data will be slower than a good Wi-Fi connection, but still should be fairly fast. Hotel and airport Wi-Fi can be slow; cellular data might be better. The aircraft Wi-Fi is the worst.

The company’s CWA servers might be part of the problem, especially if there are many crew members trying to access CWA at the same time.

In any case, the CrewWeb app is unlikely to be the cause of the problem. You can always try some of the basic troubleshooting, though, to see if it will improve the speed.

See also: internet connection.

Blank Page?

If you get a completely blank page, Restrictions or Content Blockers may be preventing the page from loading.

If you have Restrictions enabled or Content Blockers installed on your device, they can interfere with the CrewWeb app.

See internet connection information to learn how to check Restrictions and Content Blockers.

Select multiple TGDOs?

To select multiple TGDOs:

  • Tap the first day that you wish to select, then
  • Triple-tap the last day that you wish to select.

A triple-tap simulates a shift-click and will select all of the days between the first tap and the triple-tap.

Can’t send message?

If you can’t send a message, and you see a popup alert something like

The message contains invalid characters -- any of: <Enter>:

  • Remove any ‘return’ characters from your message.

    In other words, don’t tap the ‘Return’ key when you enter your message.

CWA will not allow you to send messages that contain a ‘Return’ character.

How do I … in CWA?

In general, I can’t answer questions about how CWA works (or doesn't work). Sorry.

I just make the web browser (the CrewWeb app), so asking me a question about CWA is kinda like asking Apple or Microsoft.

User guides for CWA are available on SWALife. Log in to SWALife and search for ‘CWA user guide’. Make sure you get the one for Flight Ops or Inflight, as appropriate.